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Founded in 2004 by Chris & Effie, Zaket & Plover (Z&P) fast established itself as a leading Australian luxury knitwear label. With experience, knowledge and a love for fashion the husband/wife duo have taken the business from strength to strength. It remains a family business based in Melbourne and respects its core values of creativity and quality with a competitive price point. Recently \"weekend by z&p\" has been integrated into the main range with fun features and novelty knits that are more casual and colourful weekend wear.
For those wondering where the name comes from - it\'s from Chris and Effie\'s Greek roots, Zaket meaning \'cardigan\' and Plover meaning \'pullover\'.

Included under the Z & P umbrella is a sister range called ld+co which offers quality knitwear basics with a touch of playful fun, whether it be a distinct color or touch of originality in styling.

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